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15 Jan

Fences have come a long way. Originally they were only used and seen in farmland to protect agriculture, keeping animals within borders. Today, fences serve a wide range of purposes and without question, can make a powerful first impression. Whether you’re looking to impress visitors right on arrival or intimidate intruders or both, the fences we build around our homes make a statement to the rest of the world.

Some of us care, others do not.

If you’re an engineer, carpenter or any form of fence designer, you know how important details — from minor and major — carry into the bigger picture. For those searching the web for creative-inspirational mojo with regards to custom fence design, we have conveniently assembled a list of 5 ways you can custom design your fence this season.

Let’s get started.

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Why Should You Custom Design Your Fence?

Before we dive into the wonderful world of fence design and our specifics, let’s talk about why you should custom design your fence.

It’s true: There are many who find regular fences boring. Most are put up with shallow thought and often poorly maintained. Normal fences are often hard to distinguish from neighbors as well who have neutral fencing, which can confuse anyone picking something up or dropping something off. With age and without proper care, fences will gutter.

The good news?

They don’t have to. There are many advantages and overall benefits when you choose to custom design your fence.

Along with neighborhood originality, adding fence accessories have been known to lengthen the overall fence lifespan while also increasing the overall value of the property.

So you’re probably thinking: What can I do to custom design my fence?

Add Post Caps For Fence Life Expectancy

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Post caps are one of many ways you can custom design your fence. They come in all different dimensions, shapes, and colors, adding stylish protection that every fence owner should strive to obtain. Their ornamental functionality makes your fence stronger and durable against harsh weather conditions, making them last significantly longer over fences without post caps. You can buy post caps online at Xtreme eDeals. But beforehand, make sure you identify your fence post measurements. This will make sure that you buy the right dimensions, saving you the disappointment and the extra trip to the shopping cart.

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Add Gate Inserts For Noticeable Elegance

gate inserts

When trying to take your fence design to the next level, gate inserts offer an elegant addition. With gate inserts, they’ll add that extra pop of personality to any bland property fence, serving up beautifully designed patterns that’ll effortlessly engage with family and friends. Stylish as they are inviting, gate inserts give you and your visitors the luxury of seeing just how “green the grass” is on the other side so to speak, before fully experiencing it. If you’re unsure as to where to buy gate inserts, you can check out our collection when you’re ready.

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Add Corner Decor For Stylish Protection 

nuvo corner decor

Not just for your fence or gate, corner pieces can enhance the look of nearby garage doors and shelving doors. The frame of an art piece is just as important as the piece itself. Similarly, corner pieces frame your door beautifully, highlighting all other elements on it. Not to mention, they protect the corners of your doors from getting worn out too quickly. When the weather is extreme, you need to make sure you give your fence and gate the best possible chance to resist it. Corner decor is your best bet for a long-lasting modern door.

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Add Antique Handles For Vintage Perfection

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Nothing exudes rustic sophistication like antique handles, just another easy way you can customize your fence. Its gentle touch adds a powerful addition to your fence, instantly noticeable by anyone lucky enough to touch it. When you’re looking for a specific style for your home such as vintage or antique, small details go a long way in creating that atmosphere. That’s why adding a unique door handle that matches the rest of your outdoor decor is essential for creating the complete portrait of perfection. Guests will be amazed by your keen designer eye and may never want to leave. 

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Add Door Knockers For Rustic Prestige

lion door knocker - jpg

If you’re looking for ways to add a more sophisticated touch to your home, consider adding a custom door knocker to your gate. A beautifully designed door knocker will make your fence door that much more royal and magical. Start by thinking of a classic design that never fails to impress, something such as an antique lion head — timeless. You’ve seen them in movies. Mansions are frequently adorned with them, they will surely add cherry prestige and class to a full glass. 

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When you custom design your fence, minor details can make a huge difference. The useful tips outlined above help you stand out from a long line of neighbors who may have almost-identical fencing.

With touches of customization, small changes can also act as conversational pieces with all the friends, family and guests you invite over.

Keep in mind. If you’re looking for stylish protection: Post caps and corner decor are your best choice. If you want to add a level of elegance and sophistication with each first encounter: Consider adding delicate gate inserts, antique handles or fancy door knockers.

Remember that these are only 5 ideas among many that will help you customize your fence. Rest assured, these quick-to-implement adjustments can help increase the overall life expectancy of your fence while also increasing your property’s overall value.  

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